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photo of Dr Christopher A Price
Christopher A Price, PhD
Professor, Department of Veterinary Biomedicine,
Montreal Veterinary School,
Université de Montréal,
Montreal, Canada
photo of Dr Karen Schindler
Karen Schindler, PhD
Professor, Department of Genetics,
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey,



photo of Professor Holly A LaVoie
Holly A LaVoie, PhD
Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy,
University of South Carolina School of Medicine,
Columbia, SC, USA
photo of Professor Vasantha Padmanabhan
Vasantha Padmanabhan, PhD
Professor Emerita (In service) of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology,
Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Environmental Health Sciences,
and Nutritional Sciences,
University of Michigan,
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Reproduction journal July 2022 Special Issue cover

Reproduction journal November 2021 Special Issue cover

Reproduction journal July 2021 Special Issue cover

Special issue on Sperm Factors and Egg Activation
July 2022

Guest editor:
Karl Swann


Special issue on Reproductive Toxicology
November 2021

Guest editors:
Adam Watkins and
Aileen Keating

Special issue on the 25th Anniversary of cloning by somatic-cell nuclear transfer
July 2021
Guest editor:
Kevin Sinclair

Reproduction journal vol 161 issue 1 cover

Reproduction journal vol 160 issue 5 cover

Reproduction journal vol 158 issue 6 cover

Special issue on Hypoxia and Reproductive Health
January 2021
Guest editor:
Jacqueline Maybin

Special section on 30th Anniversary of Preimplantation Genetic Testing
November 2020
Guest editor:
Alan Handyside

Special section on Women in Reproductive Science
December 2019
Guest editor:
Marilyn Renfree

Reproduction 2022 Journal Impact Factor 3.8 and 2022 Journal CiteScore 7.3


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Point of View articles


Watch authors of several of Reproduction's Point of View articles introduce their research below. A full list is on the Point of View page.


Morphological analysis of the human sperm tail during the early post-fertilization stage

Authors:Yoshiteru Kai et al


Does single-strand DNA break repair capacity influence oocyte maintenance and quality?

Authors: Saranya Giridharan, Karla J Hutt, and Amy L Winship


Cell type markers indicate distinct contributions of decidual stromal cells and natural killer cells in preeclampsia

Authors:Kalle T Rytkönen et al.


First mitotic spindle formation is led by sperm centrosome-dependent MTOCs in humans

Authors:Yoshiteru Kai, Hiroomi Kawano, and Naoki Yamashita


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Mitochondria in early development: linking the microenvironment, metabolism and the epigenome

Authors: Alexandra J Harvey
Volume 157: Issue 5, Pages: R159–R179


Obesity induces ovarian inflammation and reduces oocyte quality

Authors: Alexandria P Snider and Jennifer R Wood
Volume 158: Issue 3, Pages: R79–R90


Update on mammalian sperm capacitation: how much does the horse differ from other species?

Authors: Bart Leemans et al.
Volume 157: Issue 5, Pages: R181–R197


The cytoskeleton in spermatogenesis

Authors: Jessica E M Dunleavy et al.
Volume 157: Issue 2, Pages: R53–R72


The contribution of epididymosomes to the sperm small RNA profile

Authors: Natalie A Trigg, Andrew L Eamens, and Brett Nixon
Volume 157: Issue 6, Pages: R209–R223