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Reproduction journal latest impact factor is 3.906


Reproduction has achieved an increased 2021 Journal Impact FactorTM of 3.923 in the latest Journal Citation ReportsTM. The journal now ranks 13 of 31 journals in the ‘Reproductive Biology’ category of the Journal Citation ReportsTM, and 9 out of 39 in the ‘Developmental Biology’ category. The journal has achieved a Five-Year Impact Factor of 4.322.

This result is testament to the high quality of authors’ published articles, alongside the hard work and dedication of the Editorial Board, our reviewers, and the continued support of our readers. Together, you ensure Reproduction is a leading journal in the field of reproductive biology.

Explore the following collection of the top-cited research articles and reviews from 2021.




Inflammaging is associated with shifted macrophage ontogeny and polarization in the aging mouse ovary
Zijing Zhang et al.

Maternal peri-conceptional undernourishment perturbs offspring sperm methylome
Paola Toschi et al.

Bisphenol A and S impaired ovine granulosa cell steroidogenesis
Ophélie Téteau et al.

Derivation of sheep embryonic stem cells under optimized conditions
Marcela Vilarino et al.

Perinatal protein restriction with postnatal catch-up growth leads to elevated p66Shc and mitochondrial dysfunction in the adult rat liver
Shelby L Oke, Gurjeev Sohi, and Daniel B Hardy

Role of Angiotensin-(1–7) via MAS receptor in human sperm motility and acrosome reaction
Asier Valdivia et al.

Milk exosomes and miRNA cross the placenta and promote embryo survival in mice
Mahrou Sadri et al.

Downregulation of LncRNA-MEG3 promotes HTR8/SVneo cells apoptosis and attenuates its migration by repressing Notch1 signal in preeclampsia
Rongli Wang and Li Zou

Endoplasmic reticulum stress attenuation promotes bovine oocyte maturation in vitro
Hafiza Khatun et al.

Modulatory effects of TGF-β1 and BMP6 on thecal angiogenesis and steroidogenesis in the bovine ovary
D Mattar et al.




Impact of oxidative stress on male and female germ cells: implications for fertility
R John Aitken

Advances in human primordial follicle activation and premature ovarian insufficiency
Emmalee A Ford et al.

Mechanisms of intergenerational transmission of polycystic ovary syndrome
Daniel A Dumesic et al.

Animal models of human pregnancy and placentation: alternatives to the mouse
Anthony M Carter

Roles of steroid hormones in oviductal function
Brooke E Barton et al.

Modeling human trophoblast, the placental epithelium at the maternal fetal interface
Mariko Horii et al.

The ovarian stroma as a new frontier
Hadrian M Kinnear et al.

Reproduction in a polluted world: implications for wildlife
Lucinda C Aulsebrook et al.

Preimplantation development in ungulates: a 'menage a quatre' scenario
Jérôme Artus, Isabelle Hue, and Hervé Acloque

Placental glycogen stores and fetal growth: insights from genetic mouse models
Simon J Tunster et al.