Highlights of 2021


To showcase the high impact research published in Reproduction, we have collated the most highly cited and reviews and research of the last year.

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Top 10 articles most cited in 2021, published in 2020



Inflammaging is associated with shifted macrophage ontogeny and polarization in the aging mouse ovary
Zijing Zhang et al.

Role of Angiotensin-(1-7) via MAS receptor in human sperm motility and acrosome reaction
Asier Valdivia et al.

Sperm enter glands of preovulatory bovine endometrial explants and initiate inflammation
Ihshan Akthar et al.

Maternal peri-conceptional undernourishment perturbs offspring sperm methylome
Paola Toschi et al.

Derivation of sheep embryonic stem cells under optimized conditions
Marcela Vilarino et al.



Impact of oxidative stress on male and female germ cells: implications for fertility
R John Aitken

Advances in human primordial follicle activation and premature ovarian insufficiency
Emmalee A Ford et al.

Mechanisms of intergenerational transmission of polycystic ovary syndrome
Daniel A Dumesic et al.

Animal models of human pregnancy and placentation: alternatives to the mouse
Anthony M Carter

Roles of steroid hormones in oviductal function
Brooke E Barton et al.


Top 10 most most downloaded articles published in 2021


Evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on male reproduction
Yu Tian1 and Li-quan Zhou

COVID-19 and male reproductive function: a prospective, longitudinal cohort study
Behzad Hajizadeh Maleki1 and Bakhtyar Tartibian

Reproductive toxicology: emerging toxicants and cellular targets
Aileen F Keating and Adam J Watkins

Where do human sperm and egg meet?
Liselot J W Thunnissen et al.

Meiosis interrupted: the genetics of female infertility via meiotic failure
Leelabati Biswas et al.

Hypoxia and ovarian function: follicle development, ovulation, oocyte maturation
Megan Lim, Jeremy G Thompson, and Kylie R Dunning

Investigation of infertility using endometrial organoids
Konstantina Nikolakopoulou and Margherita Y Turco

Sperm selection by rheotaxis improves sperm quality and early embryo development
Jon Romero-Aguirregomezcorta et al.

First mitotic spindle formation is led by sperm centrosome-dependent MTOCs in humans
Yoshiteru Kai, Hiroomi Kawano, and Naoki Yamashita

Mechanisms of ovarian aging
Selena U Park, Leann Walsh, and Karen M Berkowitz