Best of 2020


To showcase the high impact research published in Reproduction, we have collated the most highly cited and downloaded reviews and research of the last year.

Explore the collection to make sure you haven’t missed the most popular and exciting articles!


Top 10 articles most cited in 2020, published in 2019


Mitochondria in early development: linking the microenvironment, metabolism and the epigenome
Alexandra J Harvey

Obesity induces ovarian inflammation and reduces oocyte quality
Alexandria P Snider and Jennifer R Wood

Update on mammalian sperm capacitation: how much does the horse differ from other species?
Bart Leemans et al.

The cytoskeleton in spermatogenesis
Jessica E M Dunleavy et al.

The contribution of epididymosomes to the sperm small RNA profile
Natalie A Trigg, Andrew L Eamens, and Brett Nixon

Ejaculate-mediated paternal effects: evidence, mechanisms and evolutionary implications
Jonathan P Evans et al.

Ram seminal plasma and its functional proteomic assessment
T Leahy et al.

Estradiol promotes EMT in endometriosis via MALAT1/miR200s sponge function
Yu Du et al.

Progesterone alters the bovine uterine fluid lipidome during the period of elongation
Constantine A Simintiras et al.

WOMEN IN REPRODUCTIVE SCIENCE: Anti-Müllerian hormone: a look back and ahead
Nathalie Josso



Top 10 most most downloaded articles published in 2020


Advances in human primordial follicle activation and premature ovarian insufficiency
Emmalee A Ford et al.

Impact of oxidative stress on male and female germ cells: implications for fertility
R John Aitken

The ovarian stroma as a new frontier
Hadrian M Kinnear et al.

Mechanisms involved in the contraceptive effects of ulipristal acetate
María José Munuce et al.

Roles of steroid hormones in oviductal function
Brooke E Barton et al.

Modeling human trophoblast, the placental epithelium at the maternal fetal interface
Mariko Horii et al.

The mTOR pathway in reproduction: from gonadal function to developmental coordination
Bibiana Correia, Maria Inês Sousa, and João Ramalho-Santos

Bang goes the detonator plot!
A Vail and J Wilkinson

Mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance of variable traits through the germline
Eduard Casas and Tanya Vavouri

IFNT-independent effects of intrauterine extracellular vesicles (EVs) in cattle
Keigo Nakamura et al.