Publication charges


Reproduction is committed to keeping costs to authors to a minimum. Consequently, there are no submission fees and no page charges. Colour figures are free where the use of colour is necessary, such as photographs and composite images. Colour printing is costly to the journal and colour should not be used for bar/line/pie charts.

Other charges do apply as detailed below.

Supplemental material publication charge

For articles submitted from 4 November 2021, Bioscientifica charges a fixed charge for publication of any supplemental material alongside the article, regardless of the number of files.
The charge is 200 GBP (excluding VAT*).

Open access

You may choose to make your article available freely available to all, without access restrictions, immediately upon publication, in return for an author-side fee. If the corresponding author is based at a not-for-profit institution that subscribes to the journal, the fee for the Open Access Option is 1500 GBP + VAT*; otherwise, it is 3000 GBP + VAT*. Full details of Bioscientifica's open access policy can be found here.

*Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added to transactions within the UK and Europe.


If author(s) are eligible for discounted publishing fees or have a discount code these cannot be used cumulatively; only one deduction will be applied per manuscript.