Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD): A Menagerie of Adaptations and Perspectives


DoHAD: a menagerie of adaptations and perspectives


Reproduction is inviting a special collection of articles on the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, led by Guest Editors Professor Trudee Fair (University College Dublin, Ireland) and Dr Pascale Chavatte-Palmer (Université Paris, France).


Comments from Professor Trudee Fair:

"This collection will highlight the development in this area of research from historical, clinical and scientific perspectives. Particular emphasis is placed on gender specific effects of maternal and paternal stressors during foetal and neonatal life on livestock production phenotypes in adulthood (Hammer et al.); the influence of the gender profile of co-siblings in utero on reproductive performance in adult mice (Douhard et al.); paternal contributions and gender specific the influence of mitochondrial metabolism on successful initiation of the embryonic developmental program, particularly its influence on the mammalian embryo’s epigenome (de Lima et al.)."


The editors also welcome submissions of original research for inclusion in this collection. Please submit to Reproduction stating in your cover letter that you wish for your article to be considered for this special collection. Alternatively please email the editorial office for further information.


Read the latest articles published in this special collection:


DOHaD: A Menagerie of Adaptations and Perspectives: Large animal models of developmental programming: sustenance, stress, and sex matter
CJ Hammer, JS Caton, CR Dahlen, AK Ward, PP Borowicz and LP Reynolds

DOHaD: A Menagerie of Adaptations and Perspectives: The interplay between early embryo metabolism and mitoepigenetic programming of development
Camila Bruna de Lima, Érika Cristina dos Santos and Marc-André Sirard