Editorial board disclosure policy

Reproduction Disclosure Policy

(Last updated May 2019)
All editors responsible for recommending or making publication decisions are requested to disclose on an annual basis any potential conflict of interest, including current or recent financial relationships with any commercial entity whose products or services may be contained in the journal content.
The following competing interests were disclosed:
John Aitken – Financial activities: I hold equity in a biotech company, Memphasys. Personal fees: In 2018 I received fees for consultation work with Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Intellectual property: I hold an existing patent on the electrophoretic isolation of spermatozoa 1. Aitken, RJ & Ainsworth, C (2004) Australian Patent No 2004278448. The University of Newcastle Research Associates Limited. Provisional specification for invention entitled Sperm cell separation by electrophoresis. International patent publication PCT/AU2004/001367. Patent granted for the following jurisdictions (Australia, Patent # 2004278448; Europe with National registrations in Great Britain Germany and France, Patent # 1689853; USA, Patent Publication No 2009101507). Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Editorial Board of Scientific Reports, Asian Journal of Andrology, Basic and Applied Andrology and Reproductive Biomedicine Online.
D Randall Armant – Financial activities: Cofounder and >10% stock holdings in Cradle Genomics, Inc. Intellectual property: US Patent No US20150267240A1, also EU and Japan; US Patent No US20170248599A1, also EU and Japan; WPO Patent filing WO2017176985A1. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Reviewing Editorial Board of Biology of Reproduction.
Larry Chamley – Financial activities: Research Contract with Bayer (NZ) Animal Health Division. Personal fees: Consultant to V Abrahams/Lupus Research Institute Grant, Yale University. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Director of the Hub for Extracellular Vesicle Investigations University of Auckland, Editorial Board of Trophoblast Research/Placenta, Editorial Board of American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, Editorial Board of The Journal of Reproductive Immunology.
Steve Charnock-Jones – Financial activities: I have received grant support from the MRC, BBSRC and NIHR. Intellectual property: I am a named inventor on a patent application relating to the identification of biomarkers that may be useful in pregnancy.
Greg FitzHarris – Financial activities: I hold research grants from government and private foundations. Personal fees: Occasional speaking honoraria. Intellectual property: patent submitted (provisional US) regarding embryo aneuploidy.
Niamh Forde – Financial activities: Work in my laboratory is supported by BBSRC, STFC, GCRF, N8 Agri-Food, Newton Fund, FAPESP and the UN. Personal fees: I consult to the UN on early pregnancy diagnosis in cattle. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: I am a member of the SSR Publications committee and I also serve as an Editorial Board member for the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology.
Peter Hansen – Financial activities: Research grants from NIH, USDA, Zoetis, Elanco, Select Sires, Balchem, Southeast Milk Inc., Florida Cattlemen’s Assn., Holstein Assn USA, and BARD. President and majority shareholder of Cooley Biotech LLC, Advisory Board for Micronutrients, Inc. Technical Advisory Group member and Chair for New Zealand Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and DairyNZ Partnership – Pillars of a New Dairy Industry. Review panellist for NIH and USDA. Treasurer of Society for the Study of Reproduction, Board member for American Society of Animal Science, Past-President of International Congress of Animal Reproduction. Personal fees: Lecture fees from Hokkaido University, Society for Theriogenology, Phibro, Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference, Sociedade Brasileira de Technologia de Embriões and Zoetis. Non-financial support: Travel paid for lectures for American Embryo Transfer Assn., American Dairy Science Assn., American Society of Animal Science. Intellectual property: Use of interferons to enhance fertility in farm animals; US Patent No. 4,997,646, issued March 5, 1991. Inventors: PJ Hansen, K Imakawa, RM Roberts, WW Thatcher. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Editor, Plos One, Co-editor in-chief, Animal Reproduction Science, Editorial Board, Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, FASEB Journal and Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology.
Zuping He – Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: I serve as an editorial board member of Scientific Reports, Asian Journal of Andrology.
Jason Knott – Personal fees: In the next 12 months I will be traveling to give lectures or invited talks that might provide an honorarium.
Rina Meidan – Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Associate Editor for Reproductive Biology.
Tom Moore – Financial activities: Standard academic activities: employed academic, grant holder, patent pending, equity holder in start-up company. Personal fees: Employed as salaried lecturer, researcher at University College Cork. Intellectual property: Patent pending on use of placenta protein in therapy.
Mary Mullins – Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Academic Editor at PLOS Biology and Associate Editor at PLOS Genetics.
Romana Nowak – Financial activities: I occasionally serve as a reviewer on NIH grant review panels. Personal fees: $200 for serving on NIH review panel, honorarium for serving as an Associate Editor for Biology of Reproduction. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: I am also an Associate Editor for Biology of Reproduction.
Chris O’Neill – Financial activities: Full time employee of the University of Sydney. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: ad hoc referee to numerous journals and grant review panels, Editorial Board Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology.
Vasantha Padmanabhan – Financial activities: National Institutes of Health grant funding. Non-Financial Support: Travel expenses paid to attend and present at scientific meetings by non profit organizations, Gordon research Conference, Indian society for Reproductive Biology and comparative endocrinology, SRF. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Endocrinology 2013–present, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2014–2017, Journal of DOHAD 2009–present, Environmental Health Perspectives 2017–present.
Lori Raetzman – Financial activities: I have research grants from the NIH and a grant from my institution, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Personal fees: For participating in NIH study section, I received an honorarium. Non-financial support: Travel to NIH study section, travel for attending committee meetings and council meeting for the Endocrine Society. Editorial board, Biology of Reproduction. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: For the Endocrine Society I am the chair of the Trainee and Career Development Core committee and ex-officio on council.
Larry Reynolds – Financial activities: Research grants as Principal Investigator: Role of Maternal Nutrition on Endogenous Retroviruses, Placental Formation, and Nutrient Transport during Early Gestation. ND State Board of Agricultural Research and Extension, 5th Aspen-Snowmass Perinatal Biology Symposium, Sept. 2019, USDA-NIFA-AFRI 2018-07065, Conference Grant. Personal fees: University Distinguished Professor of Animal Sciences, and Director, Center for Nutrition and Pregnancy, North Dakota State University, Scientific Course Consultant (2017–present), Frontiers in Reproduction Discovery (Advanced Summer) Course, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, Special Emphasis (Grant Peer Review) Panel, 2017/05 ZRG1 EMNR-S (02) M, Chair, Ad Hoc Panel, Member Conflict for Pregnancy and Neonatology study section, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, March, 2017. Fulbright Regional Peer Review Committee, Fulbright US Scholar Program, Member (62 proposals reviewed), Washington, DC, October 2018. Non-Financial Support: Scientific Committee, & Abstract Review Committee, 4th Aspen/Snowmass Perinatal Biology Conference, 2014–16. International Organizing Committee and Abstracts Editor, member of the “Placenta, Fetal Development and Parturition Sub-Committee, and Session Chair, 10th International Ruminant Reproduction Symposium, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, 2018, Chair, Organizing Committee, 5th Aspen-Snowmass Perinatal Biology Conference, 2016–19. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Frontiers in Epigenomics, Review Editor, 2011–present.
Norah Spears – Personal fees: 2017: Expert consultant for Karolinska Institute, Sweden, for Professor in Physiology of Reproduction. 2016–17: Expert consultant for AstraZeneca, providing professional input and expertise in ovarian folliculogenesis. Royalties for work as Editor of: Cancer treatment and the ovary: Clinical and laboratory analysis of ovarian toxicity. Eds RA Anderson and N Spears. 2015, Published by Elsevier; pp166; ISBN 9780128015919 (print) / 9780128016015 (eBook). Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Member of Editorial Board of Current Opinion in Physiology: 2017-2020.
Karl Swann – Financial activities: I have a BBSRC Project Grant to work on lipid metabolism in mouse eggs.
Andy Vail – Financial activities: I undertake occasional external work for the Scientific and Clinical Advances Advisory Committee of the UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. Consultancy fees are paid to my employing academic institution. Non-financial: Travel and accommodation expenses for conference presentations and attendance have been paid by the Gynaecology and Fertility Review Group of Cochrane, for which I am an editor. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Statistical Editor for Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility Review Group.
Rao Veeramachaneni – Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Editorial Board Member, Andrology.
Erica Watson – Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Editorial review board for Environmental Epigenetics (since 2015), and I am the guest editor of a special issue of Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, due out in late 2019.
Suzannah Williams – Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Member of Council for Society for Reproduction and Fertility.
Joachim Wistuba – Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Editorial Board Member, Andrology.
The following editors reported no competing interests:
  • Nathalie Beaujean
  • Ian Brewis
  • Judith Eckert
  • Trudee Fair
  • Greg Johnson
  • Noora Kotaja
  • Holly LaVoie
  • Chris Price
  • Dr Joao Ramalho-Santos
  • Eduardo Roldan
  • Karen Schindler
  • Marta Tesone
  • Kaiping Yang
Bioscientifica staff and freelancers working on the journal reported no conflicts of interest. Article authors' declarations are stated in each journal article. Referees must disclose any competing interests before agreeing to review any submission. For more information on the journal’s ethical policy, please read the ethical guidelines.
This policy follows the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors (ICMJE) and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).