Special Collection: Reproductive Ageing


Reproduction special collection on reproductive ageing


Reproduction has a growing collection of reviews and research focused on reproductive ageing.

This special collection has been guest edited by new Editor-in-Chief Associate Professor Karen Schindler.

Ageing can cause the accumulation of cellular changes which can impact reproduction in a multitude of ways. In many countries around the world, the age at which people are having children is increasing, making studies into understanding the impacts that age has on reproductive success critical. Here at Reproduction, we value ageing-relevant studies and we are committed to publishing cross-disciplinary studies that examine the effects of age on reproductive biology and fertility.

If you would like to submit your reproductive ageing article or would like to know more about the submission process visit the author guidelines page.

We will accept papers in the following topics:

  • Infertility & Ageing
  • Tissue Microenvironments
  • Genetics of Reproductive Aging
  • Pathways of Oocyte Aging
  • Chronic Inflammation & Senescence
  • Environmental Exposure & Multigenerational Effects
  • Cross Tissue Interactions & Endocrine Signalling
  • Mitochondrial Function & Metabolism
  • Geroscience & Intervention Strategies


Current Related Publications:


Mechanisms of ovarian aging
Selena U Park, Leann Walsh, and Karen M Berkowitz

Healthy ageing and spermatogenesis
Eva Pohl et al.

Macrophage-derived multinucleated giant cells: hallmarks of the aging ovary
K Grace Foley, Michele T Pritchard, and Francesca E Duncan

Inflammaging is associated with shifted macrophage ontogeny and polarization in the aging mouse ovary
Zijing Zhang et al.

Does supplementation with mitochondria improve oocyte competence? A systematic review
Ana Filipa Ferreira et al.

Impact of oxidative stress on male and female germ cells: implications for fertility
R John Aitken