Special issues


Reproduction journal vol 161 issue 1 cover
Special issue on Hypoxia and Reproductive Health (January 2021). Guest edited by Jacqueline Maybin.


Reproduction journal vol 160 issue 5 cover
Special section on 30th Anniversary of Preimplantation Genetic Testing (November 2020). Guest edited by Alan Handyside.


Reproduction journal vol 158 issue 6 cover
Special section on Women in Reproductive Science (December 2019). Guest edited by Marilyn Renfree.


REP_158_5 cover
Special section on Fertility Preservation (November 2019). Guest edited by Roger G Gosden.


REP_156_1 cover
40th Anniversary of IVF (July 2018). Guest edited by Robert Winston.


REP_154_6 cover
25th Anniversary of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (December 2017). Guest edited by C L O'Neill and G D Palermo.


REP_154_5 cover
30 years on from the molecular cloning of interferon-tau (November 2017). Guest edited by R Michael Roberts.