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Clara Ortega-Camarillo, Alicia González-González, Marcela Vergara-Onofre, Everardo González-Padilla, Alejandro Ávalos-Rodríguez, Margarita E Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, Lourdes Arriaga-Pizano, Miguel Cruz, Luís Arturo Baiza-Gutman, and Margarita Díaz-Flores

to a state of oxidative stress. Hence, it has been proposed that inadequate protection against ROS constitutes a trigger for follicular atresia. Therefore, the survival of follicles subjected to gonadotropin stimulation is related to an increase in

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Kashmira Bane, Junita Desouza, Asma Rojewale, R R Katkam, Gwendolyn Fernandes, Raj Sawant, Uddhavraj Dudhedia, Neeta Warty, Anahita Chauhan, Uddhav Chaudhari, Rahul Gajbhiye, and Geetanjali Sachdeva

Reproductive 2012 , Carvalho et al. 2013 ). An ample body of evidence implicates oxidative stress, characterized by an imbalance in the levels of anti-oxidants and oxidants, as a major pathobiological event in the sequelae of events involved in the

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Ziliang Ji, Ruijing Lu, Lisha Mou, Yong-Gang Duan, Qiang Zhang, Yadong Wang, Yaoting Gui, and Zhiming Cai

stress, altered blood flow, hormone disturbance, and back flow of gonadotoxic metabolites ( Naughton et al . 2001 , Will et al . 2011 ). It appears that heat and oxidative stresses are the two central elements contributing to infertility in men with

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Mahammed Moniruzzaman, Kazi Nurul Hasan, and Saumen Kumar Maitra

stress ( Tamura et al . 2008 ). Melatonin detected in the pre-ovulatory follicles seems to minimize oxidative stress and ultimately to improve the quality of oocytes ( Tamura et al . 2014 ). The information gathered from mammalian studies also reveals

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Massimiliano Monticone, Laura Tonachini, Sara Tavella, Paolo Degan, Roberta Biticchi, Fioretta Palombi, Rossella Puglisi, Carla Boitani, Ranieri Cancedda, and Patrizio Castagnola

, the expression of several genes involved in the defense against oxidative stress is abnormal. In particular, we found a decreased expression of Gpx3 , Txn1, Tnrdx1 and, at a lesser extent, of Gpx4 and Gpx5 . These enzymes are scavengers of ROS

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Megan L Jones, Peter J Mark, and Brendan J Waddell

that maternal dietary n-3 PUFA supplementation reduced placental oxidative damage and increased fetal and placental growth in rats ( Jones et al . 2013 b ). Oxidative stress occurs when cellular production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), by

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Yi Sun, Wen-Jia Zhang, Xin Zhao, Ren-Pei Yuan, Hui Jiang, and Xiao-Ping Pu

motility defects and 19% of them were diagnosed with AS ( Curi et al . 2003 ). Oxidative stress is one of the main issues associated with AS. When the physiological equilibrium between reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and elimination is perturbed

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Behzad Hajizadeh Maleki, Bakhtyar Tartibian, and Mohammad Chehrazi

fertilization, but the same ROS under pathological conditions, may induce oxidative stress and can negatively influence the quality of spermatozoa and impair their overall fertilizing capacity ( Fraczek et al. 2008 ). Oxidative stress has been identified as an

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Michael Garratt, Roslyn Bathgate, Simon P de Graaf, and Robert C Brooks

Sod mice ( Sod2 −/− ) die prior to weaning, heterozygous Sod2 -deficient mice ( Sod2 +/− ) suffer from increased oxidative stress, but are apparently fertile ( Koppers 2012 ). One of the most frequently used mouse models of oxidative stress and ageing

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Mattan Levi, Moran Tzabari, Naphtali Savion, Salomon M Stemmer, Ruth Shalgi, and Irit Ben-Aharon

. 1990 ). One of the ways that DXR exerts its toxic effect on the testis is via oxidative stress, affecting spermatogenesis and sperm function ( Ateşşahin et al . 2006 , Tanigaki et al . 2013 ). Oxidative stress by DXR was widely established in other