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In nine out of eleven operations, fistulae were established in the vas deferens of rams. This was accomplished by incising the vas deferens and suturing the orifice to a small surgical opening in the dorsal surface of the scrotum, close to the incision through which the vas deferens had been exposed.

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L. Adam, E. Aizinbud, A. Tadmor and H. Schindler

Summary. Tissue electrical conductance (G) and capacitance (C) were measured in vulvar and vaginal tissues of ewes by a spectroimpedographic method at frequencies from 10 Hz to 100 kHz. The calculated specific conductance (μmho/cm) at 100 kHz was 3082 ± 20 (s.e.m.) in oestrus and 2153 ± 16 in dioestrus (n = 8) (P < 0·001). The impedance angle and the tissue phase angle increased during oestrus, indicating that cell volume increased and cell density decreased in comparison with dioestrus. The ratio of conductivities at higher and lower frequencies showed that extracellular water content was maximal during oestrus and coincided with standing heat.