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A serious difficulty in the use of frozen-preserved human semen for donor insemination is our inability to predict, without rather extensive clinical trials, which specimens will be successful in producing conception and which will be generally infertile. Predictions cannot be made from the pre-freeze motility of the specimen (Behrman & Sawada, 1966) nor, in our experience, from the fertility of a donor's freshly ejaculated specimen. A technique for determination of cervical mucus penetration by spermatozoa using capillary tubes (Kremer, 1965) has been thoroughly investigated and found to have several advantages (Kremer, 1968). This capillary tube test has been shown to be a reasonably reliable predictor of the fertility of fresh human semen (Fjällbrant, 1968). Specifically, a penetration by the leading spermatozoa in the capillary tube of