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Carol Lambadarios, Cetra Hastings, J. Abo-Darub and I. D. Cooke


Human endometrium from the secretory phase of the menstrual cycle was incubated with 3H- and 14C-labelled glucosamine and [3H]leucine. Incorporation into secreted extracellular glycoprotein and accumulation of the label into the microsomal fraction were measured. When oestradiol or progesterone were added to the medium, medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), ethynodiol diacetate and chlormadinone acetate reduced incorporation of glucosamine and MPA reduced incorporation of leucine into glycoprotein. MPA reduced the amount of glucosamine in the microsomal fraction and also had an effect on amino acid transport within the endometrial cells, as indicated by intracellular μ-aminoisobutyric acid space measurements. These results and the ratios of 3H and 14C in the microsomal fraction and secreted protein suggest that MPA has a primary effect in decreasing amino sugar incorporation and a secondary effect in reducing amino acid incorporation into glycoprotein.