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The follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh) content of the pituitaries of normal, castrated and cryptorchid parabiotic male rats was determined by the augmented ovarian weight bio-assay. These values were compared with those obtained from the same types of animals joined to hypophysectomized—intact, hypophysectomized—castrated, or hypophysectomized—cryptorchid males.

The total amount of fsh in the pituitary was reduced by 38% 1 week after castration of 45-day-old males. Neither increased spermatogenesis plus androgen in scrotal testes, nor increased androgen alone in cryptorchid testes of hypophysectomized parabiotic partners, had any effect upon this reduction. Loss of the germ cells by artificial cryptorchidism did not alter the total amount of pituitary fsh, but the concentration was increased by 19%. Active spermatogenesis in the testes of a hypophysectomized partner had no effect upon pituitary fsh in the cryptorchid male. In no case did a castrated hypophysectomized male influence pituitary fsh in his partner. The results indicate that nothing produced by the testes passed through the blood to alter the fsh content of the pituitary in a parabiotic partner.