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B. Varga, Katalin Csiszár and E. Stark

Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1450-Budapest, P.O. Box 67, Hungary

Unilateral ovariectomy is followed by compensatory hypertrophy of the contralateral ovary in the rat (Carmichael & Marshall, 1908; Arai, 1920; Slonaker, 1927). This phenomenon is induced by the increased gonadotrophic hormone release resulting from the decrease of the oestrogen level via a negative feedback mechanism (Heller, Heller & Sevringhaus, 1942; Edgren, Parlow, Peterson & Jones, 1965; Johnson, 1966; Peppler & Greenwald, 1970). After hemiovariectomy the contralateral ovary produces the same number of ova as did both ovaries in the control animals (Peppler, 1972). Of the gonadotrophic hormones, LH increases ovarian blood flow and, since ovarian blood flow is known to increase during oestrus (Wurtman, 1964), the present study was to determine whether the elevated gonadotrophic hormone level resulting from hemiovariectomy increased blood flow in the remaining ovary.

Rats of the CFY strain and weighing 170-200 g were