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  • Author: ELEONORA P. GIORGI x
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Progesterone, 17α-hydroxyprogesterone, Δ4-androstenedione, 20α-hydroxypregn-4-en-3-one, testosterone, oestradiol-17β and oestrone were determined in twenty-one cyst fluids obtained from the ovaries of normally menstruating women and of patients with heavy irregular bleeding. In normally menstruating women, the proportion of oestradiol was higher than that of progesterone at the beginning of the cycle, whereas in patients with irregular bleeding, progesterone was the predominant steroid and, with oestradiol, was present at any time after a bleeding irrespective of the occurrence of ovulation. The determination of steroids which are intermediaries in the transformation of progesterone to oestrogens permits certain deductions with regard to ovarian steroidogenesis.