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The finding of the aspermatogenic effect of the seminal vesicle fluid of bulls (SVFB) in heterologous species (Matoušek, 1966, 1969) led us to preliminary experiments to examine its effect on females. Mice (C57BL) were injected s.c. with a mixture of SVFB fluids in four doses of 0·05 ml without adjuvant administered in the course of 8 days. Hens (Rhode Island Red) were injected i.v. with the same fluid on three subsequent days at 1 ml per dose. Two days after the last injection, the mice were mated within 10 days to males of the same strain and the mating controlled by copulation plugs. Twelve days after mating the mice were killed and the number of implanted embryos determined. The hens were observed for egg laying 3 weeks before the experiment and 3 weeks after the first