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Epididymal semen was obtained from rams with a fistula present in the vas deferens (Tadmor & Schindler, 1966). It was deproteinized immediately, and the protein-free clear supernatant evaporated to dryness in vacuo at a temperature not exceeding 55° C. The residue was taken up with about 10 ml water, and the solution thus obtained used for determination of both amines and amino acids.

For the determination of amino acids, the solution was once more dried in vacuo, and the residue taken up with 3 ml 75% ethanol. Two-dimensional chromatograms of two samples were run, using 0·2 ml of the final solution, according to Mizell & Simpson (1961).

For the determination of the amines, the solution was extracted by the method of Yoshinaga, Itoh, Ishida, Sato & Wada (1961), slightly modified (Neumark, 1964).

After three extractions with ethyl