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A. F. McFEE, J. R. EBLEN and P. R. WELCH

In order to study the effect of irradiation on testicular function it is important to know the frequency with which ejaculates must be taken to establish accurately the post-irradiation pattern of sperm output. The interval from irradiation to the onset of sterility in mice is said to be unaffected by varying the frequency of mating (Bateman, 1958). 32Phosphorus-labelled spermatozoa appear in the ejaculate of bulls at approximately the same time whether they are collected two to three times a day or once a week (Koefoed-Johnsen, 1960). On the other hand, Cox & Willham (1961) found that irradiated boars reached their minimum sperm output some 12 days later when collected once a week than when collected three times a week, although the pattern of recovery in sperm production was not altered.