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Intergeneric crosses between Dark Cornish chicken males and Japanese quail, Coturnix coturnix japonica, females have not been reported to exhibit an enlargement of the cloacal gland as in male Japanese quail (Pl. 1, Fig. 1A), but are similar to the chicken male (Pl. 1, Fig. 1B). These hybrids are all males (Bammi, Shoffher & Haiden, 1966), but are sterile (Ogasawara & Abplanalp, 1968).

In the male chicken, the secondary sexual characters, especially comb development, responded to increased androgen production by the testes and to injections of pmsg (Dorfman, Dorfman & Grim, 1948; Breneman, 1951; Snedecor, 1968). Male Japanese quails responded to the increased androgen by an increase in testis size and enlargement of the cloacal glands (Sachs, 1967). Injections with pregnant mare's serum gonadotrophin (pmsg) were started to see if the sterility of the hybrids could be influenced.