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R. J. T. Hancock

Institute of Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh, West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JN, U.K.

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S. Faruki and R. J. T. Hancock

Summary. We have re-examined whether immunity to spermatozoa can be detected by spleen cell migration assays in inseminated female mice. Unlike previous results, however, sperm suspensions inhibited the migration of splenic leucocytes obtained from mated as well as control mice. Small differences were observed between leucocytes from untreated virgin mice and leucocytes from mice immunized with spermatozoa in adjuvant. In these experiments lymph node cells draining the injection site were added to the spleen cells.

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R. J. T. Hancock and A. T. K. Cockett

Summary. Antisera to hCG were incubated with living human spermatozoa. Agglutination and complement-dependent immobilization of the spermatozoa occurred with the anti-hCG sera but not with control sera. The antisera also reacted with human blood cells. The anti-sperm activities were largely removed by absorbing the sera with human blood cells, although these absorptions had no apparent effect on the anti-hCG activities measured by passive haemagglutination. There was, therefore, little evidence for the presence of hCG-like molecules at the surface of living human spermatozoa.