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Recently, Biggers, Whittingham & Donahue (1967) demonstrated that cells liberated from mouse ovarian follicles can support oocyte maturation in vitro. This maturation involves progression from late prophase (germinal vesicle stage) of the first meiotic division to metaphase of the second meiotic division (metaphase II). Oocyte maturation occurred in vitro when cultured either with follicular cells in a glucose medium or without the cells but in the presence of pyruvate or oxaloacetate. These observations suggest that follicular cells cultured in a glucose medium may be forming pyruvate and/or oxaloacetate. In this paper we have measured the amount of pyruvate produced by these cells.

Oocytes and follicular cells from 8- to 15-week-old CF-1 mice (Carworth Inc.) were liberated from their follicles