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S. Damle, A. R. LaBarbera, J. B. Miller and M. Hunzicker-Dunn

Summary. Quartered CL from 7-day pseudopregnant rabbits were incubated at 37°c for 0–180 min in the presence of BSA, LH or adrenaline in Krebs–Ringer–bicarbonate buffer. Total progesterone at each time point was quantified in homogenates of tissue plus incubation media and expressed relative to CL protein. Progesterone increased linearly with time during the first 30 min of incubation in the presence of BSA. LH and adrenaline markedly accelerated progesterone accumulations relative to the BSA control. At 10 min, progesterone accumulation in the presence of LH and adrenaline were 2·4 and 5·9 times that in the absence of stimulators, respectively. Both hormones caused concentration-dependent increases in progesterone and the apparent ED50 was 0·75 μg/ml for LH and adrenaline. The CL obtained from ovaries of 7-day pseudopregnant rabbits are therefore capable of an acute steroidogenic synthetic response to LH as well as adrenaline.