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In our former histological studies, a particular mitotic activity was noted in the cells of the corona radiata, cumulus oophorus and granulosa of the Graafian follicles. The observation suggested this tissue as a possible cellular source for assessing the karyotype of the sow. No mention of it in this context has, so far, been made in any data known to us. In the present investigations, we used as biological material the liquor folliculi of Graafian follicles which presented on the gonadal surface of some slaughtered sows. Using a 10-ml syringe fitted with an intradermal needle, the liquor was withdrawn from the follicle. This procedure was repeated for all the follicles on both ovaries of the tested sow, which yielded a sufficient quantity (4 to 5 ml) of liquor and cells. Mechanical aspiration loosened the ovum as well as its corona