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The general ultrastructure of the storage tubules for spermatozoa at the junction of the uterus with the vagina in the domestic fowl at various stages in the egg-laying cycle has been examined. Secretions were produced by tubule cells but no evidence was observed of a cyclic secretion of material into the lumen of tubules corresponding with the movement of ova in the oviduct and with the time of oviposition. Thus, a mechanism for the periodic flushing of spermatozoa from the tubules before the fertilization of ova in the upper region of the oviduct was considered unlikely to occur.

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G. P. Birrenkott, W. H. Burke and B. C. Wentworth

Summary. The effects of oviduct removal, oviduct displacement or sham-operation were studied in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). No significant differences were observed between the treatments for body weight, number of follicles≥6 mm diam., or number of ruptured follicles. Retraction or removal of the oviduct resulted in similar significant increases (P < 0·05) in ovarian weight, diameter of the largest follicle, and serum LH levels when compared with the controls. Injection of yolk into normal hens did not cause any change. It is suggested that the oviduct normally exerts an inhibitory control on ovary growth without appreciable effect on ovulation rate.