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Aron Moazamian, Parviz Gharagozloo, Robert J Aitken, and Joël R Drevet

, clinical investigations of relative telomere length and its associations with male and female fertility have become more prevalent ( Table 1 ). Going through the evolving literature, it is apparent that oxidative stress, one of the most common underlying

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Cristian O’Flaherty and Eleonora Scarlata

aerobic metabolism ( Fig. 1 ). ROS have a dual role in spermatozoa; at high concentrations, they promote oxidative stress, damaging lipids, proteins, and DNA of the cell ( Aitken et al. 2022 ), but at low and controlled amounts, they trigger the redox

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Ewa Rudnicka, Anna Maria Duszewska, Marek Kucharski, Paweł Tyczyński, and Roman Smolarczyk

debated causes of PCOS is oxidative stress (OS) ( Murri et al. 2013 , Desai et al. 2014 ). However, it has not been established whether oxygen stress affects the development of PCOS or whether it is only a secondary disorder resulting from

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R John Aitken, Elizabeth G Bromfield, and Zamira Gibb

of cell viability and functionality in the process. Thus, when the production of ROS becomes enhanced, and/or antioxidant defences become compromised, a state of oxidative stress arises generating pathological outcomes. These pathologies include

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Tessa Lord and R John Aitken

control this process and considers the current means by which post-ovulatory ageing can be prevented or delayed. Specifically, in light of recent research, we revisit the proposal that oxidative stress may act as the ‘trigger’ for a cascade of other events

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Hua-Yu Lian, Yan Gao, Guang-Zhong Jiao, Ming-Ju Sun, Xiu-Fen Wu, Tian-Yang Wang, Hong Li, and Jing-He Tan

balance is disrupted toward an overabundance of ROS, oxidative stress occurs ( Agarwal et al . 2005 ). Oxidative stress has been identified to play a key role in the pathogenesis of subfertility in both males and females. However, whereas the adverse

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Fei Liu, Zhen-Zhen Chen, Jie Zhao, Yuan-Qiang Zhang, Jing Ma, and Wei Li

culture, the purity of isolated LCs was >90% as revealed by 3β-HSD staining ( Zhao et al. 2008 ). To study whether MTA3 expression was regulated by moderate oxidative stress, primary LCs or TM3 cells were challenged with different doses of H 2 O 2 or

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Jacinta H Martin, Brett Nixon, Shenae L Cafe, R John Aitken, Elizabeth G Bromfield, and Tessa Lord

binding (sperm-egg fusion protein Juno (JUNO), astacin-like metalloendopeptidase (ASTL; also known as ovastacin)). Importantly, this updated review of the literature continues to demonstrate the intricate association between oxidative stress, mitochondrial

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Tania Morielli and Cristian O'Flaherty

al . 1997 , Hasegawa et al . 1997 , Anderson & Williamson 1988 , Smith et al . 2006 ). Interestingly, all the above-mentioned conditions have the oxidative stress as an important component of their pathophysiological mechanisms ( Brennemann et

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R John Aitken

Introduction Redox reactions are an essential component of living systems and exist in a state of dynamic equilibrium whereby the loss (oxidation) and gain (reduction) of electrons are carefully balanced. Oxidative stress is created when the