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Yiyan Wang, Fenfen Chen, Leping Ye, Barry Zirkin, and Haolin Chen

Brown Norway rats. This suggests that in this strain, as in men, there is primary hypogonadism, with age-related changes in Leydig cell steroidogenesis occurring at the gonadal level rather than secondary to hypothalamic–pituitary changes. TS

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Ophélie Téteau, Manon Jaubert, Alice Desmarchais, Pascal Papillier, Aurélien Binet, Virginie Maillard, and Sébastien Elis

Introduction The ovarian follicle is composed of an oocyte; it includes granulosa cells (GC) that border the antrum and is filled with follicular fluid. GC have two essential functions: cell proliferation and steroidogenesis. Due to their

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Rosanna Chianese, Vincenza Ciaramella, Silvia Fasano, Riccardo Pierantoni, and Rosaria Meccariello

. 2014 ). Interestingly, studies in non-mammalian vertebrates have been devoted to clarify Kp role in both spermatogenesis and steroidogenesis ( Tena-Sempere et al. 2012 ). In the prepubertal teleost Scomber japonicus, peripheral injection of Kp-15

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Vinay Kumar Singh and Bechan Lal

Introduction Ovarian folliculogenesis and steroidogenesis are primarily regulated by hormonal secretions of hypothalamo–hypophysial–ovarian axis. Nevertheless, studies on mammals in recent decade provide evidence that some cytokines, growth

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Xu-Jing Geng, Dong-Mei Zhao, Gen-Hong Mao, and Li Tan

several miRNA (miR-29a, -29c, -142, -451 and -335) expression ( Liu et al. 2014 ). In this study, we showed that steroidogenesis and STAR expression were negatively regulated by miR-150 in primary Leydig cells. In detail, miR-150 can bind directly to

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Yizi Wang, Minghui Chen, Jian Xu, Xinyan Liu, Yuwei Duan, Canquan Zhou, and Yanwen Xu

. 2016 ). Physiologically, verified by immunohistochemistry, BMAL1 expression significantly increased during corpus luteum formation ( Wiggins & Legge 2016 ). Female mice with Bmal1 knockout were inspected with impaired steroidogenesis, corpus luteum

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D Mattar, M Samir, M Laird, and P G Knight

physiological processes in the ovary including somatic cell proliferation, cyto-differentiation and apoptosis, oocyte maturation, steroidogenesis and angiogenesis. Angiogenesis plays an indispensible role in follicle and CL development and is a highly

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Evelyn A Weaver and Ramesh Ramachandran

steroidogenesis ( Ehrmann et al. 1997 , Vrbikova et al. 2001 , Bertoldo et al. 2014 ). Previous studies have shown that treatment with metformin decreased the abundance of proteins related to steroidogenesis and decreased secretion of progesterone and

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Guo-Min Zhang, Ming-Tian Deng, Zhi-Hai Lei, Yong-Jie Wan, Hai-Tao Nie, Zi-Yu Wang, Yi-Xuan Fan, Feng Wang, and Yan-Li Zhang

mitochondrial oxidant signaling to NRF1 ( Okoh et al. 2015 ), knockdown of NRF1 blocks E 2 stimulation of mitochondrial biogenesis and activity ( Mattingly et al. 2008 ). These studies indicate NRF1 may be involved in the regulation of steroidogenesis

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David Gunnarsson, Per Leffler, Emelie Ekwurtzel, Gunilla Martinsson, Kui Liu, and Gunnar Selstam

 μM) have been recorded ( Sjoberg et al . 1985 ). Previous in vitro studies of phthalate exposure have focused on the effects on human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)- or 8-Br-cAMP-induced steroidogenesis. Alterations in basal steroid synthesis may be