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The rate of oviduct secretion in the unanaesthetized rabbit was measured by a volumetric collecting device. After ligation and transection at the uterotubal junction, a polyethylene cannula was secured at the tubal ostium and lead through the lateral abdominal wall to a calibrated glass-lined system. The latter was fixed to the skin and was provided with a vent to the atmosphere and a length of rubber tubing for removal of fluid by needle aspiration. The method was satisfactory in forty of fifty-five rabbits, being maintained for 5 to 66 days. The average duration was 27.2 days. The secretion rate remained stable at a given level in thirty-six subjects. Individual secretion rates ranged between 0.02 and 0.13 ml/hr. Median and mean rates for the group were 0.06 ml/hr. Four animals exhibited two discrete secretion rates during the period of observation. In three animals in which both oviducts were studied, there was no significant difference between the sides. The system permits qualitative and quantitative study of oviduct secretions under various hormonal conditions in a given animal over many days.

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