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The testes of a variety of mammalian species have been reported to be sensitive to a subcutaneous or intraperitoneal injection of cadmium chloride at a dosage level of 0·02 to 0·04 mm-CdCl2/kg body weight (rat: Pařízek, 1957, 1960; Mason, Brown, Young & Nesbitt, 1964; Gunn, Gould & Anderson, 1961; Kar & Das, 1960; mouse: Meek, 1959; Chiquoine, 1964; rabbit: Pařízek, 1960; Cameron & Foster, 1963; hamster: Pařízek, 1960; guinea-pig: Pařízek 1960) and the necrosis of the testis which follows such an injection has been described by these same authors. The rabbit, however, has been reported to be sensitive by Pařízek (1960) and by Cameron & Foster (1963) but to be insensitive by Smith, Smith & McCall (1960). Kar & Das (1962) found no testicular necrosis 30 days after a single subcutaneous injection of 10 mg

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