Expression of prolactin-related protein I at the fetomaternal interface during the implantation period in cows

in Reproduction

The bovine placenta secretes multiple molecules during implantation and placentation, many of which are produced by binucleate cells. In this study, production of prolactin-related protein I (PRP-I), a member of the non-classical prolactin-related family, was investigated during the implantation period in cows. Expression of bovine PRP-I (bPRP-I) in the placentome was examined during the preimplantation (days 17-19), implantation (days 20-25) and post-implantation (days 30-60) periods by immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and in situ hybridization. During the preimplantation period, both bPRP-I and bovine placental lactogen (bPL) were undetectable in trophoblastic cells. Both bPRP-I mRNA and protein appeared first at day 20 of gestation in trophoblastic binucleate cells and multinuclear cells that might migrate into the endometrium and fuse to epithelium; however, no bPL was detected in binucleate cells at this time. After implantation, on day 30, both bPRP-I and bPL were detected in binucleate cells and were co-expressed in the same cells. These data indicate that bPRP-I may play a role before implantation and that bPRP-I may be an excellent marker for trophoblastic cell differentiation, as well as a candidate for pregnancy diagnosis.

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