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By means of ovarian examination and teasing with vasectomized rams, the intervals to first post-partum ovulation and oestrus were determined in a 23-factorial experiment with twenty-four German Merino ewes which lambed between 28th October and 15th November 1966. First ovulation occurred 32·1 ± 1·9 (8 to 45) days after lambing. Three, fifteen and six ewes had none, one or more than three silent ovulations respectively, before showing heat after a mean interval from lambing for all ewes of 57·1±4·5 days. The regression of post-partum interval to ovulation (Y) on ewe's weight 3 days post partum (X) was significant (P<0·01) ; for ewes weighing 83 to 162 lb, Y = 55·15–0·21X. The regression of post-partum interval to oestrus on ewe's weight was not significant, and neither were the effects of treatments, namely, weaning at 3 or 20 days post partum, supplementary feeding of 0 or 1 lb maize grain daily from 3 to 28 days post partum, and joining with vasectomized rams at 3 or 14 days post partum.

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