Sex selection of sperm in farm animals: status report and developmental prospects

in Reproduction

The authors apologise for an error in their article published in Reproduction vol 145, iss 1, pp R15–R30. On page R16, under the section titled ‘Sex sorting of spermatazoa by flow cytometry’ the correct citation for the line (lines 9 and 10) ‘The first pre-sexed offspring using this technique were born in 1988’ should be Johnson et al. 1989 and not as published. The bibliographic details of this reference is given in full below.

Johnson LA, Flook JP & Hawk HW 1989 Sex preselection in rabbits – live births from X-sperm and Y-sperm separated by DNA and cell sorting. Biology of Reproduction 41 199–203. (doi:10.1095/biolreprod41.2.199)

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