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Experiments designed to determine the effects of shortterm unilateral cryptorchidism on testicular lipids have been carried out using twenty-four mature male rabbits. Testes from unoperated control rabbits and rabbits rendered unilaterally cryptorchid for 2, 4 and 6 days were analysed for wet and dry weight, total lipid, total, free and esterified cholesterol, total carboxyl ester, lipid phosphorus and triglyceride.

The translocated testes decreased in wet and dry weight (P<0·001) and total lipid content (P<0·001) 6 days after surgery. Lipid concentration increased (P<0·01) in translocated testes, as did concentrations of total cholesterol (P<0·005) and esterified cholesterol (P<0·005). Total carboxyl ester (P<0·001) and triglyceride (P<0·01) concentrations also increased in translocated testes, but lipid phosphorus concentration was unchanged.

The contralateral scrotal testes increased in total lipid concentration (P<0·01), esterified cholesterol concentration (P<0·05), total carboxyl ester (P<0·001) and triglyceride (P<0·01) concentrations.


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