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Fifty-four rabbits were inseminated intraperitoneally 3 to 6½ hr before the injection of hcg given to induce ovulation. From 0·3 to 1·0 ml of semen or epididymal spermatozoa, containing 10 to 390 × 106 spermatozoa was inseminated. Thirty-nine of the does were autopsied 17 to 44 hr after hcg. The proportion of eggs recovered varied from 28 to 95 % and was generally inversely related to that of eggs fertilized, which varied from 20 to 79 %, excluding eighteen does having practically no fertilization. Poor egg recovery and higher fertilization rates tended to be associated with larger numbers of spermatozoa inseminated. In fifteen does examined by laparotomy on Day 10, eight were pregnant with 28 to 36 % of the ovulations represented by implants, 68 % of which survived to term.

In twenty-five does, inseminated with 100 to 386 × 106 epididymal or ejaculated spermatozoa, 0, 10, 15 or 20 hr before giving hcg, 50 to 79 % of the eggs were fertilized, except in the 20-hr group where fertilization failed. Egg recovery improved, from 22 % to a maximum of 91 %, as the interval between insemination and ovulation was extended.

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