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There are several reports of pregnancy in intersex pigs (Følger, 1932; Schmied, 1941; Albertsen, 1951; Petersen, 1952; Smidt, 1962; Hulland, 1964; van Logtestijn, 1968; Cox, 1968) but only four workers appear to have slaughtered intersexes during pregnancy (Table 1). During the course of experiments which have involved the slaughter of about 200 Large White × Landrace pigs at known times after mating, three intersexes have been encountered. Two of these were pregnant at slaughter and the other had previously borne a litter.None of the pigs showed any external signs of their condition. In each case, the ovary appeared normal and was on the left. In two pigs, the right gonad was an ovotestis and in the other (BG), only testicular tissue was present. The ovarian portion of the ovotestis was roughly hemispherical in shape. Otherobservations and measurements of their reproductive tracts are given in Table 2. As

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