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The interrelationships between the intrinsic motility and electrophoretic properties of fowl spermatozoa were studied in glycinecitrate buffer at temperatures of 3 to 5·5° C using Staflo electrophoresis. Migration patterns obtained with sperm concentrations of 25 × 106 and 250 × 106/ml were similar and gave average electrophoretic mobilities of 1·65±0·10× 10−4 cm/sec/V/cm, corrected to conditions of 1% sucrose at 3° C. At 4° C, there was no significant difference between collection fractions with regard to viable (eosin-negative) spermatozoa. At 5·5° C, however, the lower collection fraction was enriched relative to the upper fraction with regard to motility, viability, fertility and hatchability. For these properties, the lower fraction did not differ from the high quality control. With lower quality starting samples, absolute enrichment may be expected.

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