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The seminal plasma of the boar is known to be rich in inositol but has a much lower content of fructose than that of either the bull or the ram, while stallion seminal plasma contains some inositol and hardly any fructose (Mann, 1954, 1964; Mann, Minotakis & Polge, 1963). The purpose of the present study was to ascertain whether other carbohydrates, either free or bound, occur in boar and stallion seminal plasma.

Semen was collected by artificial vagina and the gel was removed. The seminal plasma, obtained by centrifugation at 2000 g for 10 min, was separated into a dialysable and non-dialysable portion by dialysis at 2 to 5° C against glass-distilled water (five changes at 12-hr intervals). Both the dialysable and non-dialysable portions were concentrated to the original volume of seminal plasma. For the analysis of free

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