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The utilization of energy substrates by preimplantation mouse embryos undergoes several changes during development in vitro (Brinster, 1965a, b) but very little is known about the level of high-energy containing compounds, such as ATP at these stages. In the present study, the content of ATP in freshly collected preimplantation mouse embryos has been measured.

For each estimation, fifty to 150 embryos were collected by flushing the reproductive tracts of superovulated female albino mice with modified Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate medium (Brinster, 1965b). Unfertilized and fertilized ova were removed from the Fallopian tubes 20 to 24 hr after the injection of hcg and the surrounding cumulus cells were removed by incubation in hyaluronidase solution (Brinster, 1965c). Later developmental stages of the embryos were flushed from the Fallopian tubes and uterus at specific times after the injection of hcg. After washing by transfer through 2 ml of fresh medium, the embryos

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