Changes in total nitrogen, lipoproteins and amino acids in epididymal and ejaculated spermatozoa of bulls treated orally with ethylene dibromide

in Reproduction


Protein changes in epididymal and ejaculated spermatozoa were studied in bulls treated orally on alternate days with a total of 10 doses (each of 4 mg/kg body weight) of ethylene dibromide. No significant changes were found in the total nitrogen, amino acid or lipoprotein contents of the spermatozoa collected either from the epididymis 1 day after the last dose, or from ejaculates 9-13 days after the end of the treatment. Significant changes were found in the percentage composition of amino acids of the sperm proteins and lipoproteins but the changes differed in the caput, cauda and ejaculated spermatozoa.

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