The effect of vasectomy on pituitary-gonadal function in men

in Reproduction

Studies on the effects of vasectomy on hormone levels and accessory reproductive organ function in man have shown that there are no significant alterations in the levels of serum LH and FSH (Wieland, Hallberg, Zorn, Klein & Luria, 1972; Johnsonbaugh, O'Connell, Engel, Edson & Sode, 1975; Varma, Varma, Johanson, Kowarski & Migeon, 1975) or testosterone (Bunge, 1972; Wieland et al., 1972; Johnsonbaugh et al., 1975; Varma et al., 1975), although Smith, Tcholankian, Chowdary & Steinberger (1976) reported a significant increase in plasma testosterone and LH levels 1 year after vasectomy. Kobrinsky, Winter, Reyes & Faiman (1976) found an acute fall in FSH and testosterone concentrations: subsequently, FSH remained below while LH and testosterone returned to the prevasectomy level (Kobrinsky et al., 1976).

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