POL BOUIN 1870-1962

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Pol Bouin, one of the pioneers of modern biology, and especially of the histological approach to physiological problems, died on February 5th, 1962, at the age of 92 at his family home in the Ardennes, to which he had retired finally in 1946. More than 20 years have elapsed since Bouin left active scientific work and time may have dimmed the bright light of his achievements for some of the younger generation. But in his own country, especially to his associates there, to the older generation elsewhere and to all with a sense of scientific history, Bouin ranks with F. H. A. Marshall and Ludwig Fraenkel as one of the small group of research workers who at the beginning of this century laid the foundations of our modern knowledge of the reproductive processes. Possibly even more significant than his personal original work was the influence he exerted directly and through


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