Synthesis of 'decidualization-associated protein' in tissues of the rat uterus and placenta during pregnancy

in Reproduction

Summary. The synthesis of a soluble protein (referred to as 'decidualization-associated protein', DAP), has been examined in uterine and placental tissues of rats during pregnancy by means of polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic analysis of [3H]leucine-labelled soluble proteins. No synthesis of the protein was detected in non-implantation regions of the uterus. In implantation site tissue, no synthesis was detected on Days 6 or 7 of pregnancy. Only slight synthesis was present in the endometrium on Day 8, but synthesis rose rapidly from Days 9 to 12 in both the endometrium and myometrium although differences in the rates of increase were observed. Synthesis fell from Day 12 to 14 in both tissues. Synthesis by the myometrium was entirely localized in the mesometrial region, which contains the metrial gland.

After Day 12, when the endometrium is represented by the chorioallantoic placenta, synthesis was examined in the labyrinthine and the decidua basalis/basal zone placenta tissues. No synthesis of 'DAP' was detected in the labyrinthine placenta from Day 16 of pregnancy. Synthesis observed in the decidua basalis/basal zone placenta fell dramatically from Day 14 to 20. The pattern of synthesis of 'DAP' during pregnancy suggests a role in the establishment of the chorioallantoic placenta and metrial gland in the rat.

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