Variations in testicular androgen receptors and histology of the lamb testis from birth to puberty

in Reproduction

Summary. Changes in testicular androgen receptor numbers were studied in lambs from 25 to 100 days of age. During this period, cytoplasmic receptors increased from 5 to 80 pmol/testis and nuclear receptors from 1 to 12 pmol/testis, while the total volume of Leydig cells increased 7-fold. The total number of Sertoli cells doubled between 25 and 40 days of age. From 40 days onward their number remained constant while their cellular and nuclear sizes increased by a factor of 3 and 1·5 respectively. Cytoplasmic receptor concentration was positively correlated with the number of Sertoli cells per section of seminiferous tubule, and negatively correlated with the number of germinal cells per cross section. One explanation for these results could be that Sertoli cells are the main androgen target cells in lamb seminiferous tubules.

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