Identification of a murine pregnancy-associated serum protein (α1-PAP) as a female-specific acute-phase reactant

in Reproduction

Summary. A murine pregnancy-associated protein (α1-PAP) with α1-electrophoretic mobility and an estimated molecular weight of 150 000 was present in serum from pregnant C57BL/10 mice but could not be detected in serum of mature non-pregnant females and males. During pregnancy α1-PAP was first detected on Day 7, rose to maximum levels between Days 12 and 14, and thereafter declined during the remainder of pregnancy and was undetectable by Day 8 post partum. The protein was also detected in the serum of females, but not males, subjected to an inflammatory stimulus. Examination of the α1-PAP levels during an acute-phase response in females demonstrated that the protein behaved as a typical classical acute-phase reactant, although the levels were only 10% of those observed during Days 12 to 14 of pregnancy. α1-PAP therefore appears to represent a hitherto undescribed female-specific acute phase reactant in the mouse.

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