Human sperm characteristics during frequent ejaculation

in Reproduction
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Summary. Sperm concentration, morphology, DNA condensation and nuclear protein pattern as well as sperm adenylate cyclase were evaluated in semen samples provided by 7 volunteers every 8 h for 2 days. During the observation period, sperm concentration and total sperm number decreased but began to return towards normal after a 3-day abstinence period. No increase in the proportion of immature sperm cells was observed by light microscopy. Total adenylate cyclase (EC increased significantly per cell, due to an increase in the soluble component while the particulate component remained relatively constant. Microflow fluorometry revealed no consistent alterations in the DNA or nuclear protein distribution. We conclude that although a high frequency of ejaculation does not disturb the conventional measures of sperm integrity, such as DNA condensation, there are major changes in at least one biochemical measurement, the activity of soluble adenylate cyclase.


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