Semen-induced ovulation in the bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus)

in Reproduction

Summary. Bactrian camels (63 ♀♀,8 ♂ ♂ ) were used in the breeding season to determine the factors that will induce ovulation. After insemination of semen samples into the vagina, the ovaries were checked for ovulation by rectal palpation. The results indicated that ovulation was induced by the seminal plasma, but not by the spermatozoa, and the incidence of ovulation after insemination was 87%. Most of the females (66%) had ovulated by 36 h after insemination and the rest by 48 h, as after natural service. The least amount of semen required to elicit ovulation was about 1·0 ml. Intramuscular injections of LH, hCG and LHRH also caused ovulation, even in females that had not ovulated in response to insemination.


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