Observations on variability in LH release and fertility during oestrus in the domestic cat (Felis catus)

in Reproduction
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Summary. Hormonal changes, behaviour, ovulation and fertility were examined in response to coitus at two different times during oestrus in the female domestic cat housed in conditions of natural light (N = 13). On Day 2 or Day 4/5 of oestrus females were allowed 1 copulation in 15 min (single matings) or 2–3 copulations in 30 min (multiple matings). Plasma LH, oestradiol-17β and progesterone concentrations during the 24-h period after coitus were measured by radioimmunoassay; ovulation was assumed to have occurred if progesterone values were elevated 7–30 days after coitus. With the exception of 2 out of 3 animals receiving single matings on Day 2 of oestrus, all animals showed subsequent elevated progesterone values. Females receiving multiple matings had significantly greater releases of LH as measured by the area under the curve than those receiving single matings. There was significantly greater variability in the LH response of queens on Day 2 of oestrus compared to those on Day 4/5 for peak values and area under the curve; the only failure in release of LH was in queens on Day 2. Oestradiol levels did not differ significantly between Day 2 and Day 4/5 of oestrus. Progesterone values remained < 1 ng/ml for 24 h after coitus. Both LH peak values and area under the curve were significantly greater for animals that became pregnant. There were also significant differences in coital behaviour between queens on Day 2 and those on Day 4/5 of oestrus.

It is suggested that LH release responsiveness rises during early oestrus so that the magnitude of an LH surge for a given stimulation depends on when, during oestrus, coitus occurs. Further major LH releases are then suppressed by a refractory state.

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