Evidence for the pulsatile release of PGF-2α inducing the release of ovarian oxytocin during luteolysis in the ewe

in Reproduction
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Summary. Frequent blood samples were removed from a utero-ovarian vein, a jugular vein and a femoral artery of 5 ewes during luteolysis. Analysis of these samples for oxytocin-associated neurophysin revealed a significant venous—arterial difference across the ovary and uterus but not across the head. This occurred during the pulsatile surges as well as when levels were basal and confirms the corpus luteum as a major source of the pulsatile surges of oxytocin-associated neurophysin and oxytocin that occur during CL regression and also of the elevated luteal phase concentrations of both hormones. The pulsatile surges of oxytocin-associated neurophysin measured in the utero-ovarian vein were accompanied by the release of an approximately equimolar amount of oxytocin.

The concentration of PGF-2α in the utero-ovarian vein samples began to increase before the levels of oxytocin and oxytocin-associated neurophysin started to increase. This suggests that uterine PGF-2α initiates the release of ovarian oxytocin and oxytocin-associated neurophysin during luteolysis in the ewe.


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