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Comparisons of the antigenic and chemical composition of pig blood and follicular fluid are reported. Follicular fluid was found to contain less protein, protein-bound orcinol-reactive carbohydrate, reducing sugar and sialic acid, but a little more acid-soluble phosphate, than blood serum. Fructose and ergothioneine were not present in appreciable amounts in either follicular fluid or blood serum

Immunoelectrophoretic analysis showed that both follicular fluid and blood serum contained at least ten different antigenic components. Most of these were common to both but two of the serum antigens were not found in the follicular fluid. The follicular fluid antigen absent from serum appears to be fibrinogen.

Washings from the uteri of adult non-pregnant pigs contained at least six antigens most of which were not found in either follicular fluid or blood.

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