Suppression of plasma FSH concentrations with bovine follicular fluid blocks ovulation in GnRH-treated seasonally anoestrous ewes

in Reproduction

Summary. The specific requirement for FSH in the final stages of preovulatory follicle development was assessed in seasonally anoestrous ewes given 2-h injections of GnRH (250 ng/injection), with (N = 10) or without (N = 10) concurrent treatment with bovine follicular fluid (bFF: 2 ml given i.v. at 8-h intervals). Treatment with bFF significantly (P < 0·01) suppressed plasma FSH concentrations, but, at least for the first 30 h of treatment, did not influence the magnitude of GnRH-induced LH episodes (mean max. conc. 3·00 ± 0·39 and 3·63 ± 0·51 ng/ml for bFF-treated and control ewes, respectively). Of 10 animals treated with GnRH for 72 h, 5/5 control ewes showed oestrus and ovulated whereas 0/5 bFF-treated ewes showed oestrus or ovulated in response to GnRH treatment. There was, however, a transient (13·2 ± 1·0 h) increase in plasma LH concentrations in the ewes given bFF (mean max. conc. 4·64 ± 1·57 ng/ml), which was coincident with the preovulatory LH surge recorded in animals given GnRH alone. In 10 GnRH-treated ewes slaughtered after 32 h of treatment, the mean diameter of the largest antral follicle was significantly (P < 0·001) greater in control ewes (5·92 ± 0·17 mm) than in animals that were also given bFF (3·94 ± 0·14 mm). In addition, the incidence of atresia in the 3 largest antral follicles present at this time was greater in bFF-treated ewes. These results show that, when plasma FSH concentrations are suppressed by administration of bFF, although the magnitude of GnRH-induced LH episodes is unchanged, preovulatory follicular development is impaired and ovulation does not occur. This may be indicative of a specific requirement for FSH in the final stages of preovulatory follicle development, or due to direct inhibitory effects of bovine follicular fluid.

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